Julien Guinand: Two Mountains
Julien Guinand
Two Mountains
Tomoaki Uno: Yomogidai House
Tomoaki Uno
Yomogidai House
Tamotsu Teshima Architect & Associates: House in Imbe
Tamotsu Teshima Architect & Associates
House in Imbe
Marco Barbieri: Everything In Its Right Place
Marco Barbieri
Everything In Its Right Place
Naoya Hatakeyama: Rikuzentakata
Naoya Hatakeyama
Hans-Christian Schink: Tōhoku
Hans-Christian Schink
Kazuo Shinohara: House under High-Voltage Lines
Kazuo Shinohara
House under High-Voltage Lines
Raoul Ries: Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji
Raoul Ries
Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji
Atlas of Places: Infrastructure Patterns II
Atlas of Places
Infrastructure Patterns II
Tamotsu Teshima Architect & Associates: Miaki Hall
Tamotsu Teshima Architect & Associates
Miaki Hall
U.S. Army Map Service: Ogasawara-Gunto
U.S. Army Map Service
Toshio Shibata: Harmony
Toshio Shibata
Christoffer Rudquist: Tokyo Flooding
Christoffer Rudquist
Tokyo Flooding