Claire Holton

Leaking Landscape


In this series of four drawings, Claire Holton, drawing from numerous sources, maps the well head rigs, well heads, pipelines, underground directional drilling lines and drilling and pipeline companies involved in shale gas fracking in Midland County, Texas. The result is an extraordinary image of an entanglement of clearings, holes, caps, pipes and well and pipeline companies fading in and out of view.

Leaking Landscape
Midland County, Texas
Leaking Landscape
Well head rigs and pipelines, Midland County, Texas
Leaking Landscape
Fracking pads and extent of horizontal drilling, Midland County, Texas
Leaking Landscape
Well head companies and pipeline companies, Midland County, Texas
31°53'24.0"N 102°01'12.0"W

Location: Midland County TX, USA

University: University of Westminster
Semester: Master Project
Teaching: Lindsay Bremner - Roberto Bottazzi

Posted: November 2016
Category: Academia