Sahir Patel

Architectural Barrier


The Project, explores the possibility of creating a barrier between the Gulf Islands (Galveston Island and Bolivar Peninsula) of Texas and nature.

The Islands, form the barrier to the oil infrastructure that produces 2% of the world’s oil.

Hurricanes that have historically ravaged the ‘Carcinogenic coast’ and wiped out temporary leisure architectures on the coast line, are seen as ‘the other’.

The Project is a series of interventions along these two islands, that together form a barrier or ‘wind wall’, against the hurricane, which is politically seen as ‘the other’ in its relationship with Texas.

The nature of this undertaking, although megalomaniacal and absurd, is very Texan response to this problem.

The barrier, and its meanings (and how they transform) are further investigated through each intervention, and speculations as to how people adapt to them.

Architectural Barrier
Texas, Galveston, and the Hurricane
Architectural Barrier
The Polemic of rebuilding, the absurdity of the existing architectures
Architectural Barrier
'Tabula rasa'
Architectural Barrier
Architectural Barrier
Functions Push up against the Infrastructural barrier
Architectural Barrier
Sky Beach
Architectural Barrier
Hurricane Bunkers and Viewing Galleries
Architectural Barrier
The Monuments
Architectural Barrier
Configurations of the wall and highway
Architectural Barrier
Wind Wall
29°13'20.0"N 94°54'32.0"W

Location: Galveston Island, Gulf of Mexico

University: Architectural Association School of Architecture
Semester: Bachelor Project
Studio: Intermediate 1
Teaching: Mark Campbell - Stewart Dodd

Posted: June 2016
Category: Academia