Atlas of Places is a public educational collection of Academia, Architecture, Cartography, Cinema, Essays, Painting, Photography and Research. Its objective is to question the meaning of places and to stand out in an increasingly uniform media landscape. It is curated according to continuously evolving philosophical, social and cultural beliefs. Through a critical curation, examination of contemporary issues and constant research, it seeks to illuminate the state and relationship between culture and nature.

Atlas of Places is dedicated to those persons who have no system and belong to no party and are therefore still free to doubt whatever is doubtful and to maintain what is not.

Atlas of Places is curated day by day, the works shared do not pretend to show any organic development: the link between them is rather one of insistence and repetition. For while one doesn’t know whether things which are repeated are pleasing, one’s belief is that they are significant. And what is sought throughout this collection are significant features.

Atlas of Places originated in the Pyrénées-Orientales during the summer of 2015 and is edited by Thomas Paturet.

Atlas of Places produces all the posts that appear in the Research section.


“We are threatened today by two kinds of environmental degradation: one is pollution – a menace that we all acknowledge; the other is loss of meaning. For the first time in human history, people are systematically building meaningless places.” – Eugene Victor Walter, Placeways: A Theory of the Human Environment, 1988


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